Off-Site Parking Near LaGuardia Airport

Several companies provide commercial parking lot services for LaGuardia Airport travelers.  Free shuttle service to and from the airport is generally provided at no extra charge.  While most remote lots offer outdoor parking, some may also offer covered or indoor parking.

Parking Spot – Avistar
90-01 23Rd Avenue, New York, NY 11369    Phone: 718-507-8162
Outdoor Valet type parking, approx. 0.5 Miles from LGA airport.  Shuttle wait time reported as usually under 10 minutes. Fees reported (Jan 2016) in the range of Under-$25 per 24 hours.
Dollar Airport Parking
22-61 94Th Street, New York, NY 11369   Phone: 718-779-7456
Indoor and Outdoor parking offered, 300+ spaces. Approx. .2 miles from LGA airport.  Rates reported (Jan 2016) from $20 to $22 per 24-hours.
Air Park
99 Ditmars Blvd., New York, NY 11369  Phone:  718-898-8400
Outdoor parking, 139 spaces.  Approximately .3 miles to LaGuardia Airport. Rates reported (Jan 2016) about $20 per 24-hours.
Some hotels near the airport also offer daily parking lot services for air travelers.  Room reservations for a portion of the parking time may or may not be required.  Check with the hotel to confirm before planning to park there long-term.


NOTE: As with pretty much all information reported on the Internet, rates and other information reported here are subject to change at any time!  We recommend calling most facilities in advance, to confirm important information.

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